This is a web-based warehouse management system that makes managing inventory efficient and accurate at every step of your supply chain. Incorporated powerful functionalities for users to gain higher gross margins and shorter cash-to-cycle time.

  • Unable to self-serve within the warehouse due to unorganized warehouse management system.
  • Can't pickup products immyediatel after the purchase is completed due to the slow warehouse processing.
  • Unable to sell the products & services efficiently due to lack of insight of current inventory status.
  • Unable to pick the right products & services to promote due to not knowing sales performance and inventory status.
  • Unable to perform daily warehosue operations efficiently.
  • Unable to pick the right products based on different business rules.
  • Can't inventory planning effectively.
  • Can't produce the acurate warehouse reports to understand business performance.
Demand Planning
Inventory Management
Order Management
Shipping Management
Receiving Management
Return Management
Quality Control
Customizable Category
CRM Integration
Workflow Management
Content Management
Role Based Accessibility
Business Intelligence Dashboard
Task Management
Workforce Management
Brand Identity
Cloud Omnipresence
Third Party Application Integration
Reports & Analysis
Customizable Reports
Advanced Security
Web Application
Responsive Design
Emails & Notifications
Administrative Controls
Customizable Features

Receiving Goods:

  • Simple process to save on time and can be built to suit different user's requirements.
  • Ensure all incoming shipments are handled properly.

Inventory Management:

  • Keep a tab of all the stocks in the warehouse and avoid overstocking.
  • Receive notifications when stock level is low.

Picking & Shipping:

  • Ensure the right product is picked based on your business rules.
  • Ensure the right orders are processed and shipped to the right customers at the right time.

Documentation & Reporting:

  • Eliminate the need of paper documents and increase efficiency with electronic filling system.
  • Improve existing operations with easy to use database and simple yet powerful built-in reports or build your own ad-hoc reports.