WEBIS EXPO is a trade show management system that helps you to keep track of all the visitors information with an effective OCR scan and in turn covert more leads into actual opportunities. From lead generation, scoring and nurturing to conversion, this application ensures your leads never fall through the cracks again with the smart routing feature.

  • Cumbersome check-in/sign-up procedure.
  • Being bounced around before getting to the right sales representative.
  • No follow up contacts from sales representative after trade show.
  • No immediate notifications when visitors are assigned.
  • Lose track of leads timeline, including previous visits and actions.
  • Ineffective engagement with visitors due to lack of real-time information update.
  • Lose leads from slow or no follow up after trade show.
  • Unable to optimize resource allocation to target qualified leads.
  • Low visitor to customer conversation rate.
  • Unable to measure trade show impact in real time.
  • Lack of leads tracking and scoring tool to understand return on investment.
  • Cumbersome check-in/sign-up procedure.
  • Slow to move visitors through sales pipeline.
  • Unable to inform sales representative of potential leads in real time.
  • Inaccurately assign visitors to sales representatives.
Profile Management
Offline & Online Operations
OCR Scanning
CRM Integration
Lead Generation
Lead Scoring
Lead Nurturing
Smart Routing
Microsoft Office Integration
Business Intelligence Dashboard
Referral Management
Brand Identity
Cloud Omnipresence
Real Time Status Update
Instant Messenger
Data Import & Export
Multi-Language Support
Reports & Analysis
Customizable Reports
Web Application
Responsive Design
Emails & Notifications
Administrative Controls
Customizable Features

For support team:

  • No more manual data handling! WEBIS EXPO  completes all visitors information in one OCR scan.
  • No more leads falling through the cracks! WEBIS EXPO captures all the right visitor information and automatic route to the assigned sales rep to close the deal.
  • No more impatient visitors! WEBIS EXPO check-in/sign up visitors efficiently so they can move to the trade show quickly.

For sales team:

  • No more setting up computer equipments at the trade show! WEBIS EXPO features embedded presentations so you can demostrate right from your tablets.
  • No more wasting time to follow up on leads! WEBIS EXPO is capable to set follow-up appointments with your potential clients right-away.
  • WEBIS EXPO measures the effectiveness of your trade show campaigns and the results are easily exported for your review.