Increase customer engagement levels in profitable ways with our Loyalty Solutions, a platform that is simply powerful and configurable to run a diverse range of loyalty and rewards programs.

  • Not knowing what kinds of offers available in the stores.
  • Inconvenient to redeem an offer which requires bringing the coupon on paper.
  • Hard to share the offers with friends.
  • Can't get the offers anywhere anytime. 
  • Difficult to manage multi promotional channels as each channel is independently operated.
  • No control over how the offers should be presented due to rely on third party promotional platform.
  • No centralized hub to promote/manage the offers, e.g. create or turn off the offers.
  • Not easy to monitor how each offer performs.
  • Hard to collect the promotional data.
  • Can't measure the promotional results.
  • Can't see the real-time performance.
  • Lose control on promotion progress and hard to re-adjust in-progress promotional campaign strategy.
  • The need to expand usage of its products & services.
  • The need to further enhance brand awareness.
  • The need expand market share.
  • Not deeply embed into corporational marketing strategy.
Rewards Management
Rewards Customization
Promotion Management
Voucher Creator
Single & Multi Store Options
User Management
User Activity Tracking
CRM Integration
Content Management
Role Based Accessibility
Business Intelligence Dashboard
Brand Identity
Cloud Omnipresence
Multi-Language Support
Built-In Search Engine
Social Media Integration
Third Party Application Integration
Reports & Analysis
Customizable Reports
Advanced Security
Web Application
Mobile Application
Responsive Design
Emails & Notifications
Administrative Controls
Customizable Features

For program administrators:

  • Flexible and diversed promotion capability, customized to target different customer and product groups.
  • Enrich loyalty program, reach customers and influence their behaviors anytime and anywhere through the use of mobile application.
  • Enhance brand identity with differentiation from other programs.
  • Marketing-oriented intelligence dashboard providing real-time/offline reporting to gain customer insights.

For program members:

  • Relavant offers depending on times and locations.
  • Real-time rewards issuing and quick, easy redemption.
  • Personalized offers and rewards based on members preference and purchase patterns.
  • Real-time access to loyalty accounts to track activtity progress.