INSURANCE SOLUTIONS is an online one-stop broker-centric insurance platform that connects insurance shoppers to the right insurance brokers. aims to improve insurance purchase experience by creating a new digital distribution channel that provides the convenience of online shopping with access to direct contact with a broker.

  • Overwhelming plan options available.
  • Difficult to compare plans pricing, terms and coverage.
  • Unable to connect to a trustworthy broker.
  • No one and no where to turn to when there are questions.
  • No digital platform to showcase personal branding and build reputation online.
  • Rely on traditional insurance marketing techniques.
  • Limited access to digital driven and tech savvy clients.
  • Low leads conversion rate from inability to connect to potential clients online.
  • Lack of resources to support brokers and set them up for success.
  • The need for new distribution channel to sell plans and services.
  • Difficult to showcase product egde against competitions.
  • The need for new distribution channels.
  • Further enhance company/product branding.
Online Quote Engine
Save & Email A Quote
Online Checkout
Plans Comparison & Recommendation
Plans Reviews & Ratings
Providers Reviews & Ratings
Brokers Reviews & Ratings
Find a Local Broker
Featured Brokers List
Personal & Brokerage Branding
Profile Management
Quote & Policy Management
Insurance Resources & Learning Hub
Lead Management
CRM Integration
Lead Generation
Built-In Search Engine
Built-In Blog
Built-In RSS Newsfeed
Private Messaging
Social Media Integration
Emails & Notifications

For brokers and brokerage:

  • New distribution channel to sell your plans and services.
  • Increase digital presence and build personal branding online.
  • Build your reputation with outstanding reviews and ratings.
  • Expand your market reach and connect with potential clients directly.

For insurance shoppers:

  • Free one-stop insurance platform to obtain quotes, research information, compare plans and review testimonials.
  • Easy checkout process and manage all your policies and quotes in a centralized location.
  • Instant connection to brokers whom you can trust with access to profiles, reviews and ratings.
  • Find answers to any questions you may have about insurance at Learning Hub.